What is this place?

What this site is about:

  • One person’s path to financial freedom
  • Living simply while living a more satisfying life
  • Realizing that you are not the only person trying to live the better life
  • Awareness to the forces in the world that do try to keep you unaware
  • Another voice trying to get people to wake up as I did.
  • Being prepared
  • Becoming a producer rather than a consumer

This is not a complete list, and things will be added and deleted as I have a better understanding of personal freedom and liberty.  While I will never claim to be an expert, I do know of places to direct you if you have questions.

Comments are always welcome and questions directed to me will be answered here so that we all can learn together.

Email me at freedomtrek@gmail.com with any questions or comments that you do not want posted here.

-J, the freedomtrekker

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