To market, to market.

Saturday marked the beginning of the farmers’ market season here in Waukesha.  This season was a particularly special one due to the fact that I was giddy for it to start.  I was actually counting down the days to it.  This was new to me and I knew I felt this way genuinely but I did not understand fully the reasoning for it.  So, over the course of a few days, I mentally made note of my reasons to get excited and participate in the farmers’ market.

  • You buy directly from the producer.  This one of the best and simplest ways to know what you are eating and what may or, more importantly, what is not in your food.  This gives you superior control over your diet.  Before you buy you can ask about the product and get the inside scoop on how it was made/grown.
  • You are supporting the local economy.  Traditional farmers only get $0.19 per dollar of sold product where as the farmers’ market vendor get a much higher amount due to the fact there are not middle men. Not only do people spend at the market, this generally translates into people spending in the adjacent local shops which contribute to a robust city/town/village economy.
  • You are getting a better deal.  Most items at the market cost much less due to the fact there are no middle men or processors to pay.  Most vendors are located within 30 miles of the market which means fuel prices will not affect food prices at the market much.  There is also next to no packaging needed for transport which not only would affect cost, but also reduces waste, which is not a bad thing either.

There are other reasons for regularly going to the farmers’ market such as creating a connection with the community and having a link between the suburban/ urban and the rural people that are worth considering, but then this post would be huge.

For those of us that cannot produce all of the food our families need, the farmers’ market is the next best place, in my opinion.  It is another option for those who are looking to take control of another aspect of their life.

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