The overriding tenant of Freedom Trek is this:

You are in control of your own life no matter who says different.

Here are some things that I believe are crucial in order to be in control of your life.

  • You should know where your food comes from and what is in it.

I have heard that some people think food comes from the grocery store.  That is not correct in the slightest.  I will hopefully help you understand where and how food is produced and the processes that it gets to your dinner table.

  • You should always have a handle on your finances.

A person without a budget is a rudderless ship.  A person that puts off paying debt is only inviting calamity.  While I may be describing myself and possibly you, I am changing that and will show you how to quit having money rule your life.

  • You should not be dependent on outside systems whenever possible.

While some places are impossible to be completely self-sufficient, any place does not need to be at the mercy of hoping the power stays on, water keeps running, gas prices going up, or any other man-made outside force that could make you vunerable if they break down.

  • You should be ready for any emergency.

This isn’t about preparing for the end of the world as we know it .  Can you survive if the power goes out tomorrow?  What if it stays out for a few days?  In summer?  In winter?  Do you have an emergency fund if you were fired next week?  Is there a way to provide for yourself and pay the bills without a job?  I am preparing myself so that I can say, “Yes” to all of the above questions.  I will share with you the resources to help you so you can say, “Yes” as well.

This should be a great journey that I know will be filled with hurdles and tough decisions along the way.  Thank you for visiting and hopefully you will join me to find what real freedom is.

-J, the freedomtrekker


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