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Apparently if you want to pay cash for anything at a military surplus store in Colorado, you could be reported as a terrorist.  Also, if you buy something there and have a different use for it (re-purposing or otherwise) you … Continue reading

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Not a rose garden all the time…

That was too long of a break.  I figured that instead of doing this blog by the seat of my pants, I would put some thought into these posts so that the most can be gained from anyone who reads … Continue reading

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To market, to market.

Saturday marked the beginning of the farmers’ market season here in Waukesha.  This season was a particularly special one due to the fact that I was giddy for it to start.  I was actually counting down the days to it.  … Continue reading

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If you are on the fence…or on the other side for that matter

If you feel that what you read here sounds a bit crazy and a bit on the fringe, you are not alone.  Many people will read what has been and what will be posted on here and dismiss it as … Continue reading

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Are you storing food yet?

Food prices have been rising steadily with oil prices going up. and the combination of the two is not a good sign for a still shaky world economy.  Global inflation has started to kick into high gear as well.  Couple … Continue reading

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First year garden…For real this time.

My parents have had a garden for as long as I can remember.  It started small (20′ x 20′) and over the years it slowly grew to three plots.  There is the main garden that mainly has the bush crops … Continue reading

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What is this place?

What this site is about: One person’s path to financial freedom Living simply while living a more satisfying life Realizing that you are not the only person trying to live the better life Awareness to the forces in the world … Continue reading

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Debt is not a friend

A few months ago, I woke up.  I woke up to the many things wrong in my life.  Here is one of them.  Part 1 of a series. I had been living the dream.  I had graduated from a four-year … Continue reading

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